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Prodigy Personnel specializes in temporary industrial placements, forklift operations, driving, and office administration positions across Southern Ontario and Québec.

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By working with Prodigy Personnel for temporary job placements, you're given the freedom and ability to work in different environments with a flexible work schedule until you find the right placement for you. We give you access to various industries and opportunities that may not be posted through traditional employment sites or outlets. Your temporary placement may even turn into a career perfectly tailored for you.

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  • "I've been with Prodigy Personnel for more than 5 years now ... I started as part timer until they give a full time hours (40 hr/wk). I have no problem with pay as they are always on time. There is always a job for me every time I need one, they tried their best to find one for me. The staff are very accommodating and friendly. Thank you Prodigy Personnel for all your support and help for these years until now."
    Ana Liza Lewis – Temporary Placement

Areas Of Opportunity With Prodigy Personnel

Industrial Jobs, Prodigy Personnel


General Labour • Packaging • Assembly • Inspection • Line Leads • On-site Programs

Fork Lift Jobs, Prodigy Personnel

Fork Lift

Counterbalance • Raymond Reach • Clamp • Cherry Picker • End Rider

Administrative Jobs, Prodigy Personnel


Reception • Customer Service • Call Center • Data Entry • Payroll • A/R & A/P

Driving Jobs, Prodigy Personnel


Shunt • G-Driver • DZ Driver • AZ Short-haul

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about temporary positions, see the list below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, contact us and we'll help you out!

  • Why should I register with a staffing agency?

    Working with Prodigy Personnel will make your job search easier and quicker. Our skilled recruiters will do all the legwork, like finding you the right job and contacting hiring managers. We will give you a great recommendation and they’ll go to bat for you. We will get you the job placement you are looking for!

    As an associate with us, you’ll gain a wealth of new skills, new experience, and new contacts in your industry. Being a temporary associate gives you the opportunity to see what different company cultures are like and what you prefer as an employee

  • What industries use temporary workers?

    You can find temporary workers in basically every industry. Prodigy Personnel specializes in the following industries: Industrial, Forklift, Administration/Office, Drivers. For more permanent placement options please click on our link to ProdigyHR.

  • Who is my employer?

    Even though you’ll be outsourced (working at our client’s sites) to client companies, your employer will be Prodigy Personnel. Your pay cheques will be provided by us. We are proud to have you a part of our team!

  • What are my rights as a temporary worker?

    As a temporary worker, you have the same rights and protections as full-time, permanent employees under the Employment Standards Act. Only a select few types of employees aren’t covered under the ESA.

    As a temporary worker, you’ll still have the right to minimum wage, holiday pay, breaks, etc.

  • What happens after I register online?

    You will then come into your local branch, have a behavioral based interview so we are able to find you a great job that is suitable to your skill set. Once our team of expert recruiters have secured you an assignment you will be given all pertinent information for the job to assist you being successful in the role.

  • How long do assignments last?

    The length of temporary assignments is dependent on the client’s needs. You could work for a few days or you could work for several months; or anything in between. It depends on the work that needs to be done. Generally, temporary positions last one to three months.

    The great thing about Prodigy Personnel is we are able to place associates at different client sites if the demand is not as high at another. We will work with you to suit your needs and availability!

  • Is there a possibility of temp work assignment turning into permanent work?

    Many of our placements can be temp-to-perm: you begin on a temporary assignment but are hired as a permanent employee if you perform well during the temporary phase. Once you’re on the job as a temp, the employer gets a chance to see you shine. Don’t be surprised if what started out as a week’s assignment turns into a permanent job offer. When that time comes, you’ll know if this is a company that you want to stay with long-term. You don’t have to accept the offer but if you do, be sure to let the temp agency know.

  • Will the temporary staffing agency take a cut of my pay cheque?

    NO! At Prodigy Personnel you are part of our team, we do not take any money in up-front costs or off your pay cheque. We get paid by our clients that engage in our services, not our workers.

  • Why do I have to come in to register?

    At Prodigy Personnel we make sure everyone gets an in person behavioral based interview so we can ensure we place you into the best suitable role for you. This makes us aware of your skills and qualifications and lets us understand you as a person. It also helps us to have a personal connection with you as we feel it is important to know the people that work with us!

  • What happens if I don’t feel a job is for me?

    At Prodigy Personnel we have two sets of customers: our clients and our associates. Both customers are very important and we want you to be happy with the job opportunities we present you. The beauty of working with a staffing agency is it gives you an opportunity to try different positions out. If one isn't the right fit, reach out to us and we can work with you to find that perfect job.

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